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A day in the life of an adult scooter rider

  • 3 min read
The School-RunRace us mummy!” Emily, Lucy and William throw down the daily gauntlet to mum Sarah as they start another school-run. ‘Race time’ is 0830 prompt. As a busy mum, part-time media consultant, school governor, and keen runner, Sarah has her hands full. So if there’s an opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle as part of their busy daily routine, Sarah and her young family embrace it. A series of cut-throughs between home and school mean that scooting the school-run is actually quicker than driving. With the whole family moving at the same pace, the opportunity to get a dose of fresh air before the school day starts, and the chance to hook up with like-minded families for a chinwag along the way, not to mention the saving on petrol (£300-£400 per annum), it’s clear why scooting makes sense. Sarah explains that with no seatbelts to secure, no pushchairs to load in and out of the car, and no parking congestion around school to contend with, her stress levels remain under control too! Being able to keep a lid on stress is no mean feat. A recent survey found that the heart rates of parents on the school run increase by an average of 51%. And of 1,100 women questioned, one in three had forgotten to ensure seat belts were done up for the drive to school, while sixty-nine per cent admitted that they regularly break speed limits in order to get to school on time. The Commute With the school run done, and the commute to her job in London next, Sarah heads for Farnborough Station. By the time she reaches the station car park, the only available parking spaces are a two-minute scoot (or five-minute walk) to the platform. Once on the train, Sarah uses the 30-minute train journey to tuck the scooter away and catch her breath! On arrival at Waterloo, she scoots the two miles to her office in around 15 minutes. But it’s not until the return journey that Sarah’s scooter really comes into its own. To tie in with the child minder, Sarah has to be on the 1712 from Waterloo. Which would be impossible if her journey to the station was on foot or by tube. A 15 minute scoot back to the station allows Sarah to grab an elusive seat and be home on time for pick up. The Girls’ Night Out After all the toing and froing to school and work, occasionally Sarah somehow finds the energy for a night out on the town. As the list of mum’s with scooters grows, there’s often a four- or five-strong contingent tearing up the pavements into Camberley! Sarah explains that there’s some competition for her scooter at the weekend. Husband Matt has less of a business requirement for a scooter, and more of a recreational need, and can often be found ‘throwing some tricks’…especially if William and his sisters are watching…. Hop on. Push Off. Do you think an adult scooter will help to make your daily journeys faster, more fun and free? See how much time you could save by scooting with our scooter route calculator >> See how much time and money you can save by scooting the school run here >> Scooters for grown ups We have a huge range of 2 and 3 wheeled adult scooters suitable for every journey type. Find the perfect adult scooter for your needs here >>