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One man's commuting secret

  • 3 min read

97 miles, one day, 3 counties. Here is one man's commuting secret that has revolutionised his journey to work. Andrew Scott was planning to make the journey back to London after a weekend in Diss, Norfolk. With sheer determination and fire in his belly he decided to make the 3 county epic journey... on his scooter.


diss_to_london_infographic_jpg Andrew's journey from Diss to London
It was Sunday 23rd October... We were coming down from the country back to London . My wife went on the Saturday and I had to wait to see someone Saturday evening. I was home alone started to think of the trip down to London the following day BY TRAIN. This was not going to happen as I hate public transport. So very much as an off the cuff thing, I decided to go by scooter. I wore a hi-vis cycling top, flashing 700 lumen lights front and rear and used a Garmin Edge 1000 cycle computer to take me ‘shortest distance’, which was a lovely and pretty. I chose B and C roads, therefore no motorways. It took 11hrs and 43 mins with stops - and it was all fine with leg switching every few mins and a camel pack for water. I had to ride on some pavements as I got close to London but used roads again when the traffic slowed. It was a great trip and great fun! I have tried a number of different methods of commuting the6 miles to work – Streatham to Mayfair…… here's how they compare, slowest to fastest
  • Tube 60 mins
  • Run 55 mins
  • Car 50 mins
  • Scooter 34 mins
  • Bicycle 23 mins
  • Moped 21 mins

Revolutionise your commute Like Andrew, if you are looking to revolutionise your commute, one solution is to break up your commute using a scooter. We’re not suggesting you scoot all the way to work (unless it’s under a mile, perhaps). But by scooting the first part, or the last part, of your journey, you can cut down your commuting time substantially.



Scooters are perfect for short journeys. Where a scooter comes in really handy is for the short sections from your front door to the train station; or from the bus stop to your place of work. The average person takes 20 minutes to walk a mile, but on a scooter that’s halved. All adult Micro Scooters are foldable in seconds so you can carry them with you, even tuck them under your seat, when you’re squashed with the other sardines on the rush-hour train.




Shave minutes off your commute. During rush hour you could shave valuable minutes off your journey time by scooting a couple of stops ahead to meet your bus. Use the emicro, when the traffic’s really congested and you may even overtake the bus altogether. Andrew made the journey safely due to his black Flex Deluxe. Without delay, shop his scooter here>In the meantime, whilst waiting for your scooter delivery; here are some more epic scooting journeys: Dani Southall's top gear challenge. Why one man scooted 60 miles in a day. Read about two students who scooted around the world. With thanks to Andrew Scott for sharing his story and Dominic Bliss for editorial content.