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Christmas: the best idea you've never had

  • 2 min read
Christmas is approaching! Read this and feel smug that the present you're about to purchase is the best idea you've never had. Let's set the scene... It's Christmas Day and children everywhere rip open reams of paper. As they do there is that look on their faces. The look of sheer happiness. Thoughts soon turn to the past; childhood at Christmas. It is so magical! Christmas is all about the children now... right? Wrong! This year that is all about to change... now it is time for you to share their adventures... charity-ambassadors-stories If you are stuck purchasing that genius gift idea for your husband ( or wife, partner, best friend, yourself...) the one that 'makes' Christmas Day, then look no further. Micro Scooters now offer a extensive range of adult scooters. From those suitable for emergency trips to the shops to others that make the last mile to work almost bearable. Click here to find out what scooter rider you are. Here are 6 reasons why an adult Micro Scooter would make the best gift:
  1. Scooting makes getting from A - B stress free and fun
  2. Using a scooter as a part of your daily commute is a great way of getting exercise without expensive gym fees.
  3. Scooting will reward you with precious time in your day as it will cut into journey times. There is no better feeling than cheating the rat race!
  4. All our adult scooters are Swiss designed and engineered. Micro Scooters have won numerous awards for their design, usability and longevity.
  5. We have the biggest range of scooters in the UK and we offer free delivery on all our scooters too.
  6. Scooting is great for the environment.
How to repair or revamp an adult micro scooter Join the scooting revolution and spread the word. With all this in mind and , now that the seed is planted, you'll soon start to see how many scooter riders there are out there. Now is the time to join in the fun and spread the word because as soon as you do, you will start to wonder what took you so long. This is the best idea you've never had. Scooting just got bigger! Shop the full range of adult Micro Scooters here