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How to choose a 3 wheel scooter for kids

  • 5 min read


This post will tell you what to look for when choosing a 3 wheel scooter for your child. It offers advice and recommendations to keep your child safe when scooting as well as tips on the must haves for long lasting scooting adventures. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A 3 WHEEL SCOOTER FOR KIDS? 3 wheel Micro scooters have 2 wheels at the front and one wheel at the back. It means that a child does not have to balance on the scooter which in turn breeds confidence in scooting. If your child is unsteady on their feet or needs a bit of a helping hand with their coordination skills then a 3 wheel scooter is a good route to go down.


LEAN TO STEER = IMPROVED MOTOR AND COORDINATION SKILLS The added benefit of a 3 wheel scooter for kids at whatever age is the impact it has on increasing your child’s mobility, fine motor and coordination skills. This is all down to the way a 3 wheel scooter is steered. Micro Scooters were the first to introduce the patented lean to steer technology to kids 3 wheel scooters. The theory being that a child shifts the weight of their body (or leans) in the direction they want to go. It is the small body shifts that turn the scooter to the left or right. These small almost intuitive ways a child moves their body to steer helps to greatly increase their fine motor, balance and coordination skills. NOT EVERY SCOOTER MAKES IT AS A MICRO SCOOTER There are a huge variety of 3 wheel scooters for kids available. However, not all 3 wheel scooters are designed, engineered or as robust as each other. When looking for a 3 wheel scooter for your child it is important to ensure the scooter has the following features:

  • An adjustable handlebar
This is to ensure the height of the scooter’s handlebars can be set at a level that suits your child. The handlebars on a scooter should sit just above the top of your child’s belly button. This will ensure that they have the right stance for scooting that will give them complete control over how the scooter moves.
  • Soft, shock absorbing grips
Some 3 wheel scooters use hard rubber handle grips which are not only uncomfortable for little hands but in some cases can be toxic (some children have a habit of chewing the end of handlegrips). Every Micro scooter uses soft rubber grips which are shock absorbing and non-toxic.
  • EC71 toy safety standard
This is the minimum standard certification a scooter needs to meet in order for it to be safely used by children. All Micro scooters reach this standard and above. This safety standard applies directly to the footplate or deck on a scooter. This bit where children put their feet. Some scooters use cheap, low grade plastic which cracks/snaps easily. All 3 wheel Micro scooters use a flexible fibreglass material for footplates which are not only stronger but help to smooth out bumps and lumps in the pavement making for a smoother rider.
  • Brake.
Unbelievably some 3 wheel scooters for kids do not have a brake. This means a child will be unable to stop themselves in a safe and timely fashion. It is imperative that whichever 3 wheel scooter you consider has a robust, sealed brake. The brake on a Micro scooter is integrated into the deck and supported by a hard wearing metal plate to give greater longevity and increased traction.


Micro offer a plethora of options of 3 wheel scooters for kids. Each individually designed and constructed to suit a certain age group and the abilities therein. The best 3 wheel scooter for kids are



3in1 Mini Micro Toddler Scooter. 1 scooter 3 ways. Our Mini 3in1 is a scooter with a trio of talents.

  1. Ride-on scooter with adjustable seat from 12 months.
  2. Toddler scooter with ultra maneuverable O-bar from 18 months.
  3. Iconic Mini Micro Deluxe with adjustable handlebar from 2 years all the way through to starting school.

Always perfectly attuned to your child’s size and physical development. Helping them build confidence along with crucial balance and coordination skills. The only scooter you’ll need from first steps to first days at school.

3 WHEEL SCOOTER FOR KIDS AGES 2-5 YEARS Best scooter for a 3 year old - Mini Micro Deluxe


Mini Micro Deluxe. Jam-packed with extra features for an even smoother ride The Mini Micro Deluxe takes our iconic three-wheeler and sprinkles it with even more Micro magic. Our team of engineers have imagined, perfected and refined to create a scooter that truly has it all. Our adjustable handlebar means mini explorers can now start earlier and keep going longer. Our colour pop anodised stem not only stands out from the crowd but survives the toughest of knocks. Our anti-slip silicone footplate and re-engineered rear brake offer unrivaled safety reassurance. Of course our intuitive lean-to-steer design and suite of premium, replaceable parts remain unchanged.


 3 WHEEL SCOOTER FOR KIDS AGES 5-12 YEARS 3 WHEEL SCOOTER FOR KIDS Maxi Micro –our grown up three-wheeler for school runs and weekend adventures The scooter that transformed the school run –our Maxi Micro is designed to help 5 to 12 year-olds scoot with total freedom. Designed with obsessive attention to detail, the Maxi features everything children love about the iconic Mini Micro –such as our patented lean-to-steer mechanism, 3-wheel design and premium wheels. With a host of refinements and features designed around the needs of older children. Like an adjustable handlebar, larger reinforced deck, increased weight limit and durable new brake. Within the range we have deluxe models, folding models, even LED models –so discerning young riders can find their perfect scooting companion. The Maxi Micro is for kids who go and go and go. We hope this guide to choosing a 3 wheel scooter for your child has helped. For more information on teaching your child to use their scooter safely visit our Scoot Safe resources. Jam packed full of ideas and advice on teaching your child to brake, steer and much more. Don’t forget that every scooter rider should wear a helmet. Find out how to measure your child’s head to ensure the perfect fit plus style inspiration on the latest helmet trends on our website.