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Children, screen time and scooting; cheat technology and get the perfect balance.

  • 2 min read
The talk of children and tablets in the media is rife at the moment and a very serious topic. As parents we are constantly asking; how can I replace the tablet and limit my child's screen time? Oh and also remove the parental guilt (phew! you're not alone). The truth is that in a fast moving world we are never going to get away from tablets, iPads, phones etc existing, so how do we best manage the situation? How do we use technology to our best advantage so that it can become part of our child's lives and not replace other things? How do we stop tablets from taking over? Keeping the balance is essential. There are phone apps which can actually compliment the outdoor lifestyle. A number of apps are readily available and can measure distances travelled on your scooter. So why not embrace this and show children how fast they can scoot and over what distances?* 16649097_10154381973218575_4074837767489897954_n Children, screen time and scooting. If technology has to be involved in your day, here's our advice on how to get the perfect balance:
  1. Get children involved and togetherplan scooter route. Use your phone to plot your journey, ensuring that you include the perfect picnic spot.
  2. Monitor progress en-route. Check how far you've scooted and how long you've still got to go.
  3. Take photos along the way. Let your hair down and have fun.
  4. Once your home, turn your adventure into something a bit more creative. Print out your adventure. Display your memories.
16864142_10154381973238575_5259900310929312097_n Then, before you know it you have managed to cheat the tablet. Not only have you tricked it into providing an outdoor adventure and created memories that will literally last a lifetime, but also (and the best news of all) no guilt! High five! Need a bit of inspiration? here you can find some tried and tested routes. All the ideas but no gear! Shop the full range of Micro Scooters here, there is a scooter for all the family, from nursery to adult. *Social responsibility: always ensure that your children are supervised whilst using apps on phones and tablets.