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Best Scooter for 5-year-olds

  • 3 min read

Best scooter for 5-year-olds


At five years old most children will be ready to move on from their first scooter onto something a bit bigger and more capable of dealing with the demands of an older child. 

There are many options available on the market, which can cause a bit of head-scratching when purchasing the perfect scooter.


What type of scooter is best for a 5-year-old?  

It depends on your 5-year-old, but rest assured, there is something to suit everyone. There are 2 or 3 scooters in the Micro Range best suited to 5-year-olds. They are the Maxi Micro Deluxe, Micro Sprite or Micro Cruiser scooters.  

This post will talk you through all the options so you can choose the best scooter for your 5-year-old.


What height Scooter for 5-year-olds? 

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend that the handlebars of your child’s scooter should be just above their belly button to allow for the most comfortable scooting position. The recommended minimum rider height for 3-wheeled Maxi scooters and two-wheeled Sprite and Cruiser scooters is 110cm.


3-wheeled scooters for 5-year-olds 

For the less confident, a 3-wheeled scooter would be the best choice. If your 5-year-old hasn't yet mastered a pushbike without stabilisers, they may still need three wheels for balance.  

3-wheeled scooters are intuitive to ride, the child simply leans their body in the direction they want to go. Great for kids who have had a 3-wheeled Mini Micro previously, as they will be used to the lean-to-steer style of scooting and will make a seamless transition to their larger scooter.

Generally, 3-wheeled scooters for older kids will still have adjustable handlebars so that the scooter can grow with the child. Wider decks and wider brakes are also commonplace to accommodate bigger feet.

The downside to 3-wheelers is that they can be bulky to store and transport. Some, however, like the Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Foldable Scooter, incorporate a foldable handlebar that allows you to fold down the scooter easily to pop in the cupboard, car boot, or carry back from school.


2-wheeled scooters for 5-year-olds 

To ride a 2-wheeled scooter your child will require a degree of balance. They will be fine if they are proficient on a pushbike without stabilisers, soon learning to scoot on two wheels and mastering the bicycle-like steering system - turning the handlebars to change direction and not leaning their body.

2-wheels equals a more ’grown-up’ looking scooter. 

Most 2-wheeled scooters are foldable and take up less space than their 3-wheeled counterparts.  

2-wheeled scooters can come with small wheels, for those who want a nippy, lightweight and compact scooter, or bigger wheels, for a smoother and faster ride over longer distances.


How do I keep my 5-year-old safe on their scooter?

Always wear a correctly fitting helmet when riding a scooter! 

Micro and other scooter retailers offer a range of helmets and other safety equipment explicitly designed with your child's safety in mind and adhering to all UK safety standards. Micro also provide a handy helmet fitting guide.

Stick to smooth paths and yards where possible – most scooters are not designed to be used off-road and will suffer ill-effect if used regularly on such terrain. 

Unless your scooter is a specific stunt scooter, go easy on the tricks and jumps. Stunt scooters are not foldable and have one-piece handlebars to give them the strength to withstand the extra impact from jumps and tricks. Stunt scooters are available for 5-year-olds, the Micro Ramp, for example, but the majority are aimed at older, taller children.   


A more grown-up scooter but still a bundle of fun

Whichever scooter you choose for your 5-year-old, the opportunity to make their scooter as unique as they are is still available. Children's scootersfor 5-year-olds come in a vast array of colours with options to add light-up wheels, accessories, and even personalisation.