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What is the best scooter for a five year old?

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At five years old children’s independence is flourishing and their co-ordination and balance have improved greatly from those early years where you’re constantly having to pick them back up. As a result, this is also the age at which many parents are confronted with a decision to make on whether a two or three wheeled scooter is right for them. As your five year old begins to outgrow their first scooter and the desire to keep up with older siblings heightens this often leads to them wanting a more grown up scooter. Two wheel or three wheel scooters?


Whats the best scooter for a five year old. 2 or 3 wheels The easiest way to understand if your five year old is ready for a two wheeled scooter or not is if they have already mastered riding a bike or balance bike. If they have then they’re probably ready for a two wheeled scooter. However, if they’ve never experienced riding a bike without stabilizers, or if they just prefer a three wheeled scoot, then a three wheeled scooter would be the better option. If you feel that a three wheeled scooter would be best for your five year old we would recommend a Maxi Micro scooter. Stunt scooter or standard?


What is the best scooter for a five year old Stunt scooter or standard? As your child turns five they will also begin to take more notice of their surroundings and how they use their scooter. This can often lead to their first tentative steps at the skate park. As a result you may consider a stunt scooter as the best scooter for your five year old. Stunt scooters differ from standard two wheel scooters in that they come with a fixed handlebar making them more robust when performing tricks and jumps. Stunt scooters can be used for short journeys and trips to and from school but standard scooter cannot be used at the skate park. If your five year old wants the best scooter for use at the skate park we would recommend the Micro Ramp. Small wheel or big wheel scooter?


What is the best scooter for a five year old. Big wheels or small wheels? The size of the wheels on a scooter will impact the weight and comfort of your five year olds scoot. A bigger wheel will provide more comfort as the wheels will more easily glide over bumps and cracks in the pavement. A scooter with smaller wheels is much lighter and is easier for younger children to manoeuvre (and for parents to carry!). If you are likely to be carrying your five year olds scooter a lot then we would recommend the Micro Sprite scooter. If your five year old will be scooting on uneven surfaces and pavements then the Micro Cruiser will be best for you.

Which scooter is best for a five year old?

  • Micro Spritescooter A lightweight, foldable easy to manage and durable two wheeled scooter. The Micro Sprite steers like a bike allowing your child to master their scooter quickly. The Micro Sprite scooter is easy to fold making it quick to store and convenient to transport. The kickstand enables the scooter to stand upright by itself. The handlebar height on the Micro Sprite is adjustable to suit your child this means your child won't grow out of it quickly. In our opinion the Micro Sprite scooter is simply the best first 2 wheeled scooter for younger children.
  • Maxi Microscooter This award-winning three wheeled scooter features a sleek and stylish anodized stem which protects against wear and tear, while the unique, moulded footplate improves grip and allows an increased weight-limit for riders, meaning that as your child grows, the Maxi Micro will grow with them, allowing them to clock up even more Micro miles. Still incorporating the fundamental patented lean to steer mechanism, sturdy rear break, soft grip handles and adjustable handlebars, with the standard fully replaceable parts, this is the must-have three-wheeled school run scooter for the Micro generation. The Maxi Micro scooter is available in four different versions; Classic, Deluxe, Light up and Foldable.
  • Micro Cruiser Think big wheels are just for adults? Think again. Cruise the school run in style on board the cool new Micro Cruiser. It offers children a chance to travel further, faster, with an even smoother ride, as the larger wheels mean less effort and can help to iron out any lumps and bumps in the pavement. The bicycle-style handlebars, provide stability and control for those new to two wheels. As with all of our aluminium scooters, the Micro Cruiser can be folded up to make it easy to carry and store. What’s not to love. Jump on board and take off!
  • Micro Ramp stunt scooterThe Micro Ramp kids stunt scooter for ages 5-12 is a fantastic first stunt scooter. Swiss designed and engineered to make it easy for children to learn jumps, hops and tricks easily and quickly. The Micro Ramp stunt scooter is best for children who want to try occasional tricks or trips to the skate park. The Micro Ramp scooter does not fold it has a fixed height handlebar which maintains it strength and rigidity when used for hops, jumps or tricks. The scooter can also be used as an everyday scooter to get from A-B.