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How to have the best family day out - ever

  • 2 min read
This Summer we’ve partnered with Crumbs City Trails, the new urban discovery App! Think of Crumbs as a treasure hunt and trivia quiz rolled into one… Just as Hansel and Gretel followed a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home, a Crumbs Trail is a route which you discover by answering questions based on physical clues you find on the street – it could be a building, street, statue, sculpture, sign, plaque, map, artwork… virtually any feature found on the streets of our towns and cities! The Trivia Crumbs spread through the Trail exercise your brain while you’re exercising your body. And for big bonus points you can look for “Gems” – quirky photos of intriguing features that can be found somewhere along the Trail… if you look carefully. Trails start and (usually) finish at the same central point, are around a couple of miles long and typically take an hour or two – depending on how many people are looking for clues – and how competitive you are! But if you don’t want to do it all in one go, you can just Pause the Trail and return to it after a bite to eat, some sightseeing or on another day. The Trails are thoroughly researched and cleverly designed to ensure that the route will take you to all of the major sights in the area. The great part is that you just won’t know exactly which route you’ll be taking to get there! But kids would rather be playing on their phones, right? That’s why Crumbs is an App - not a tour guide or a book! Crumbs questions deliberately vary in difficulty from 1 to 5 points so there’s something for everyone – and children love looking for the Gems! If you want to get competitive, the scoreboard records your time, steps, points and the number of Gems found, and the App shows the High Scores for each Trail and has an all-time Leaderboard for all Trails. The App is full of Trails in central London and beyond (even Paris!) – and we’ve worked with Crumbs to create 5 new Micro Adventures just for you – look out for our free Trails in Brighton, Chiswick, Dulwich, Twickenham and Wimbledon! So follow the Crumbs this Summer – Go to Crumbs City Trails on the App Store/Google Play for the free download – and bring the city to life! Let us know how your #scootingadventures via Crumbs Trails go this Summer by uploading your pictures and videos to @microscooters. We'd love to see them.