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What is the best electric scooter for adults?

For those first and last mile journeys an electric scooter is a convenient, quick and eco-friendly way to get around. The micro mobility movement is a burgeoning area for growth. Legislators, law makers and consumers around the world are realising the benefits electric scooters for adults can bring to the urban transportation movement.

But which is the best electric scooter for an adult?

With such a huge range on the market and massive gaps in quality finding a reliable and convenient electric scooter for an adult can be tricky.

This electric scooter for adult guide will explain the key points to look for when choosing an electric scooter.

Best electric scooter for adults



1. How far are you going?

Will you be using an electric scooter to travel a long or short distance? For longer distances look for an electric scooter with;

  • Large wheels as you will cover more ground, quicker.
  • A motor with high wattage. The higher the wattage the more powerful the motor. You will need the power for travelling longer distances.

If you are using an adult electric scooter for shorter journeys look for:

  • A lightweight scooter. (All electric scooters in the Micro range weigh less than 10kg).
  • Ease of folding. If part of your journey is going to be by public transport you will need a scooter that is easy to fold and easy to store (under the seat on the train for example).
  • Fast recharging

2. Who can maintain / repair your electric scooter?

Purchasing an adult electric scooter is not an inconsequential investment. When you buy something of quality you expect it to last or at the very least be repaired if something were to go wrong. All of the electric scooters in the Micro range have spare/replacement parts available in the UK. This means if you have a problem with your motor or something were to go wrong your electric scooter can be repaired in the UK at a minimal cost in a fast time.

Other cheaper adult electric scooters do not have replacement parts available and cannot be serviced. If they can this servicing is often done outside of the UK which means you would have to send your scooter out at considerable cost and wait much longer for it to be repaired.

Is it worth paying more for technical features / higher spec on an adult electric scooter?

You can pick up an adult electric scooter for under £400 in the UK. We are sure this would do the job for you for a short amount of time. However, at Micro we believe an electric scooter should be a long lasting investment. Not a 3 month moment.

This means the difference between building an electric scooter that uses EVA foam core in its wheels to absorb the bumps in the pavement versus basic wheels that give a juddering feeling.

It means building an electric scooter which has motion control as standard. Allowing a rider to maintain their speed with no effort. Regenerative braking, an integrated motor and different ride programmes to suit the terrain you are on all comes as standard on all of Micro’s electric scooters for adults.

See the best electric scooters for adults at Micro Scooters, including the Micro Merlin.