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Balance bike or micro scooter?

  • 3 min read



Are you struggling to choose between a balance bike or scooter for your child?

This post will explain the differences between the two and will help you to decide whether to buy a balance bike or scooter for your child. 


Balance bikes are a fantastic way to teach young children balance and co-ordination skills. Mastering a balance bike, in our experience, often sees children make the transition to a “grown up” bike much quicker and easier.

Children sit on a a balance bike with their feet touching the ground and move along. With no pedals, heavy chains, stabilisers or mechanical insides balance bikes are often lighter and easier to maneuver then traditional bicycles. 

Micro balance bikes: 

  • Weigh less than half as much than other balance bikes making it easy to carry and transport. 
  • Have an easy to adjust seat height making the bike perfect for use between siblings.
  • Have puncture and mark free wheels allowing the balance bike to be used indoor and out.
  • Are an excellent learning tool allowing your child to build their co-ordination and balance skills making the transition easier to a more grown up bicycle.
  • Are available in 5 fun colours – all with free delivery.

The pros of a balance bike vs a scooter:

  • make the move up to a big bike easier and quicker.
  • children can keep both feet on the ground if they wish
  • something very special about a “first bike” for your child.

The cons of a balance bike vs a scooter

  • cumbersome to store as they do not fold/pack away
  • no brake on a balance bike
  • limited life – children will grow out of a balance bike at around 5 years of age.



Like Balance Bikes, scooters are are brilliant way of building a child’s balance, co-ordination and fine motor skills. They are easy to store and pack away and are lightweight enough to bring out for everyday use.

Scooters give children the freedom to move around and are a great way for small children to make the steps from buggy to first scoots of freedom.

Micro Scooters:

We invented the micro scooter. All our years of know how, Swiss quality, Swiss design and Swiss engineering go into every single Micro scooter we produce.

Are available for children from aged 1 to grandparents aged…(well it would be rude to say).

Are built with the best quality parts; from flexible wood and fibre glass decks to non-toxic handle grips, substantial rear brakes all the way down to the nuts and bolts holding the scooter together. Micro scooters are renowned for their durability and build quality – we simply do not skimp on parts and engineering.

Will be a long lasting, value for money toy that will be used every day.

The pros of a scooter vs a balance bike

Foldable, removable parts making storage or transportation easier.

Can be used as part of every day trips out e.g. on the tube/tram etc.

Smaller and less cumbersome

The cons of a scooter vs a balance bike

Children can keep two feet on the ground with a balance bike – with a scooter it is true that one foot stays on the footplate/deck and the other foot pushes you along.