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The Micro Scooters UK Story

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Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty are the founders of Micro Scooters UK. This post tells the story of how it all started… 

18 years ago the school run was a chore. Gas guzzling cars, no parking spaces, smog filled air, not to mention the impact carbon emissions had on our environment. 

18 years ago Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty co-founders of Micro Scooters UK were about to embark on the school run with their own children (they had 2 each at this time). 

After a couple of runs with fractious toddlers in tow and stress levels going through the roof they knew it didn’t have to be this way. 

An afternoon spent in the park was to be the beginning of the end of stressful, (literally) toxic school runs for millions of parents in the UK. 

While out and about with her young son on Clapham Common Anna spotted a young child on a Mini Micro scooter. Her son, Edward asked to have a go and wouldn’t get off. It was then that Anna knew she was on to something. 

Shortly afterwards she teamed up with her friend Philippa Gogarty (they first met at the baby clinic when they were both taking their sons for their check-up) and set about bringing the remarkable Mini Micro scooter to the UK. 

Scoot forward 18 years and the school run is unrecognisable. Now over 2 million children scoot the school run every day. More recently their parents are getting in on the act too. Adults using scooters to do the school run, the commute or for weekend family adventures is on the increase. 

We passionately believe everyone is entitled to a scooter as we know from experience the transformational impact it can have on everyday lives. Getting from A-B is quicker, healthier and greener. 

As the number 1 scooter brand in the UK we are making it our mission to encourage more journeys by scooter. For children who are just learning to walk to commuters who want to halve their journey times and everyone in between. We are dedicated to providing scooters that will last a lifetime. 


Anna Gibson was a maritime lawyer before her find on Clapham Common. Working 18 hour days soon didn’t appeal to her after starting a family. Convinced that every child should experience the freedom a scooter could bring Anna set about starting Micro Scooters UK with her friend Philippa Gogarty.

Philippa Gogarty was a charity fundraiser before going into partnership with Anna. She too knew they had a brilliant product so gave up her job to go into business with Anna.

Juggling children and other commitments while working on a fledgling start up business meant the two founders learned a lot along the way. Anna and Philippa initially started selling the scooters to their friends at the school gates. Soon a buzz was created and the juggernaut of the UK high street came knocking.

John Lewis was the first major retailer to have faith in the scooting pair and started to retail the Mini Micro scooter in their stores and online. After the first year the Mini Micro was John Lewis’ top selling toy for Christmas. Soon it was the 2nd bestselling toy all year round (pipped to the post by the almighty Lego).


As word grew Anna and Philippa knew they had to take on more help. And so they gave the opportunity to their friends and family (the majority of whom were parents) to come on board and use their experience to help grow the scooting revolution.

Now Micro Scooters is a business that is 33 employees strong. 95% of people working at Micro are parents or grandparents themselves. Flexible working underpins the culture at the company. Children’s school plays and sports day come first. Meetings are arranged to finish no later than 3pm so the scooting school run can be completed.


Innovation is at the heart of the company. We constantly strive for better technology, higher quality parts and more importantly the long lasting value and robustness our scooters are renowned for. Not content with transforming the school run we are also on a mission to transform the way we all move around our busy towns and cities. It’s we have recently introduced a range of electric scooters for children and adults. And it’s why we are super excited about the launch of the Micro electric car – the Micro Lino.

Alongside this our range of accessories for scooters and bikes now make scooting even more convenient and fun. We continue to produce products that make families’ lives easier.

To find out more about the founders of Micro Scooters UK please visit