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Scoot Safe: Why animals cant ride scooters

  • 2 min read
Micro Scooter has teamed up with Serious Comedy. The result; a fantastic scoot safe resource titled 'Why animals can't ride scooters, but you can'. Children will enjoy reading about all the animals in this book who fail miserably to ride their scooter safely. From downhill blunders to negotiating driveways. Clever and engaging imagery helps bring the charming story to life as it warns children of what happens when scooting goes terribly wrong.
wacrs-pagehare-ms-web The Hare and the Tortoise have another race. The Hare doesn’t fall asleep this time and rides his scooter as fast as it will go. But he goes so fast that he loses control. He also loses some of the fur off his bottom. Ouch!
Why Scoot Safe is important Scootingis a great way to get to school - it's healthy, free and adds a smile or two to the mad rush in the morning! The benefits of scooting are enormous. However scooting doesn't come without a few perils. Here's a scary fact: In 2011, 29 children ages 0-11 were killed on Britain's roads. 1,374 were seriously injured.* Taking a leap of faith is important to allow children to grow and develop. Risk shouldn't stop or avoid us doing the things that make us happy. However, it is important that we must ensure that our children are best equipped and are mindful of what could happen if it did all go wrong. Our scooter safety resource has sold 86,000 copies so far and is being used by Road Safety Officers across the UK to educate children. Fun and engaging this little book has become a firm favourite with children 3 and up. Serious Comedy Here's Micro's 4 steps to Scoot-Safe:
  • Firstly, keep children safe by ensuring they wear helmets, switch on their lights and use their bell or noise maker.
  • Secondly, educate children on road dangers at home, so they understand the importance of scooting safely.
  • Thirdly, set a good example, parents should follow the advice too.
  • Finally, look after your scooter, clean any dirt from it after use, store it somewhere dry, check parts work and replace them if they become worn.
This means is that not only with your child be better placed to take on the world, but also you'll no longer need to run erratically behind them on the school run, well maybe ... Shop micro accessories online Click here to purchase: why animals can't ride scooters and you can 6 *THINK!