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A week in the life of an emicro rider

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The new emicro one is one of the lightest most compact electric scooters ever designed and will revolutionise the electric scooter market bringing an end to heavy, cumbersome electric scooters. And in our opinion, not before time.

But don’t just take our wood for it. Ben Wood, Head of Research at CCS Insight was one of the first to trial the emicro. Here’s how he got on introducing the emicro to London… 

#1 Monday: It has also transformed my commute to the local train station.

“No need to take the car anymore – I can get there faster on the emicro and I’m not exhausted when I get there”.

#2 Tuesday: In London, it’s the perfect companion for a day of meetings.

“You can easily zip from one place to the other and the scooter folds up neatly to travel between longer distances on the tube”.

#3 Wednesday: People find it hard to believe there is a motor and battery integrated into the emicro.

“It just looks like all the other micro-scooters and people barely look twice as you zoom past. It’s also great fun to ride and you still get the exercise from scooting along – the motor just gives you a boost when you need it.”

#4 Thursday: A perfect companion around London today.

“The emicro scooter adventure continues. Productivity up as I could squeeze in one extra meeting by reducing travel time to and from station… Adds a new dimension to urban mobility.”

#5 Friday: Cheat that Friday Feeling…

"The emicro is the perfect blend of traditional scooting together with the genius of the electric motor which gives you a boost when you need it. The best way to describe it is like scooting with the wind behind you.”

#6 Saturday: The interest in the emicro has been astounding!

“Everywhere I have taken it people have wanted to have a go and despite the premium price they all fall in love with it immediately.”

#7 Sunday: Even with high hopes it surpassed my expectations…

“I’ve been passionate about new solutions for urban mobility for some time and when I first saw the emicro I knew it was an exciting innovation. As a long-time micro scooter owner and part of a micro scooter family I knew I’d love it.”

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