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A scooter or bike?

  • 2 min read




Are you trying to decide between a scooter or a bike for your little one this Christmas? 

This post will help you towards answering that question… 

Buying a scooter or a bicycle for your child is a massive milestone for every parent. No longer is your little one reliant on you for moving them around (ohhh remember those wriggle free days) – your child is getting bigger, learning new skills and becoming more independent (sob). 

However, this IS a good thing. Getting your child their first set of wheels will lead to lots of fun for the whole family. 

But to that question….should you choose a scooter or a bike for your child? 

Yes, we are a scooter company but we also are made up of families with bicycles. We love them and own several. It would be remiss of us not to celebrate the use of bicycles on the lives of our children (and selves) however, our range of Micro scooters are Swiss engineered robust, portable and built to last – which makes it hard to dismiss as a genuine alternative to buying a bike for your child.

They make getting from A-B as simple as 1,2,3 (sorry). 

Because scooters are so robust and such a portable, convenient way to get around (whether that's for the school run, journey to work, or trips to the park) we really would encourage you to get both. That’s right – a scooter AND a bike. 



For younger children, a 3in1 Sit & Scoot or Mini Micro scooter gives pre-school children their first taste of independence. Children of this age are able to master the intuitive tilt and lean style of scooting, while the 3 wheels help them to learn balance, control and improve their fine motor skills. Children in this age group often struggle to master the balance required for riding a bicycle.

A scooter for these age group of children is great because:

Scooters are lightweight making it easier for a child to manage

It’s easy to stop on the scooter without losing balance

They are portable and can be folded up

Easy to store


Children of this age are better equipped to manage a bicycle and a scooter. Having a scooter for your child at this age is great for:

Scooting the school run

Scooting is an accessible and fun way to get your child exercising

it helps to build balance and co-ordination skills

The difficult decision at this age is choosing between a 2 or 3 wheeled scooter

In reality we know and agree with the idea that a scooter and a bike is the perfect solution for most families. We would advise the scooter you do choose is Swiss engineered and designed, comes with free next day delivery, is award winning and is true value for money. Funnily enough we may have some recommendations for you.