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A Scooter Aid Story

  • 2 min read
Our Scooter Aid scheme is based on a simple principle - that all children should have the chance to play. Which is why we have been asking for donations of old, unused or unwanted scooters which we can refurbish and send on to children who will benefit in the UK, Africa and India.


We thought it might be fun to follow one scooter from its donation, refurbish and re-utilisation which brings us very neatly to the reason of this post. Meet Emma (striped top) and Isobel (pink top). They very kindly decided to donate their well used, much loved scooter to the Scooter Aid scheme. Here's their guide on how to get involved in the scheme. Stage 1:
  • Find lots and lots of bubble wrap (or get one of your parents to "borrow" some from work)
  • Spend a long time stamping on the bubble wrap to feel that satisfying pop
  • Don't wrap yards of the stuff around your sister's head to see if it will hurt when you punch her.
EmmaIsoble1.jpg Stage 2:
  • Locate a big box - hide in it until your parents/sister/grandparents come in to the room and "surprise" them by jumping out of the box.
  • Find lots and lots of gaffer tape. Do not tape over your sister's mouth
  • Wrap scooter so its unrecognisable in aforementioned bubble wrap
  • Fool the postman into thinking it's actually a guitar you are sending
EmmaIsobel2 Stage 3:
  • Print off a free returns labeland fix to the scooter box
  • Feel very proud of yourself that you are doing something very worthwhile
  • Check Micro Scooters' Facebook pages for picture showing their arrival at Micro HQ.
EmmaIsobel5.jpg Thank you to Emma, Isobel and mum Harriet for sending in these pictures. But in the meantime,read more about the Scooter Aid scheme and how you can get involved here