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A family scooting adventure

  • 2 min read



2 adult scooters, 1 child scooter and unlimited family scooting adventures.

The Pattinsons from Wokingham were kind enough to send in pictures and stories from their first week of having their scooters. 

Mum Emma has a Micro White scooter, dad Nick a Micro Black scooter and Lola (aged 5) a Mini Micro scooter. 

This is what they got up to on their first ever week of #scootingadventures 


Scooters arrive. We all squeal with excitement. Within minutes they are all together and we are on our first ever trip out as a family of scooter riders. Slightly worried we would get stares and comments but in fact everyone we pass smiles and says what a good idea they think it is .

Spend a couple of hours in the park – think Nick and I have more fun trying out different moves on our scooters than Lola does in the playground. 


Lola and I scoot to nursery. Never has Lola been so quick to get out of the door. Lots of her friends marvel at her new scooter. Some of the parents ask to try my scooter out. Really made the run to nursery fun. Lola was thrilled I was scooting with her. 


Nick scooted to the station rather than drive this morning. Said he felt a little silly scooting past all the pedestrians on the road to the station but felt better as he managed to get there before them and get a seat.


Loia and I scoot off to the playground after nursery today. Was great fun to spend that extra time together doing something we both love. Surprised how confident she feels on her scooter – sometimes too confident! I love my scooter is easy to fold so doesn’t clutter the hall at home.


Nick and I scoot home from our friend’s BBQ. We all scoot together as a family to pick the car up on Saturday. Excellent fun.

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