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One of the things we're most proud of at Micro is just how robust our scooters are. Our scooters are designed to last a lifetime and simply thrown away after a summers use. That's why it was great to here from a customer called Karen who bought their scooter way back in October 2010. Karen purchased an original Blue Mini eight years ago for her first child, the scooter was an immediate hit! Her eldest daughter who was the lucky first owner loved her Mini Micro and took it everywhere with her. However, as all parents will know, children have a tendency to outgrow things. When that happened the beloved Mini Micro was passed down to her 2nd daughter. It had survived well, at one point new front wheels were fitted but apart from that it’s life carried on and on. It went everywhere with Karen's children - school runs, family adventures and much more. By now it had become a treasured possession by the whole family. After a few more years of use the scooter started to show its age. By now it was around 7 years old and the deck in particular had been put through its paces and was in dire need of changing. Karen sent us a picture of the scooter asking if anything could be done or if it would be easier to buy a new scooter. After sending the scooter in to Micro our amazing team got to work. Sally, who works in our head office, was able to have a good look over the scooter and then set to work.
This is how the scooter looked once we'd stripped it down to the chassis.

The scooter obviously needed some love – a new deck, handlebar, grips and a brake were added to the scooter along with large amounts of elbow grease. Once the new parts had been added and the existing parts had been cleaned the scooter looked as good as new. Whilst we recommended she think about changing the wheels at some point the scooter certainly had plenty of life left in it. It's testimony to the longevity of the scooter and confirms why we sell replaceable parts for all our scooters to ensure our scooters really can last it’s lifetime with your child.



With a little bit of work and a few new parts the Mini Micro was good to go.
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