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5 fun and free things to do at half term

  • 3 min read



Half term doesn’t have to mean expensive days out for the family. We are huge fans of #scootingadventures – which provide fun ways to get out and about as a family.

Here are our 5 favourite scooting adventures for you to try. 

Treasure Hunt Scoots 

Create a Treasure Hunt in your garden or local park that your children can follow on their scooters. Hide treasure such as sweets or presents. It could be a great way to give someone lots of little presents on their birthday or even at Christmas.

You could provide a compass and map together with instructions e.g. ‘head west to the oak tree and then scoot due north for 30 ‘scoots, then head east for 10 more scoots to find your next clue’. Follow this link and you’ll find lots of ready-made treasure trails and their guides ready for you to enjoy 

Scooter Geocaches 

Geocaching is a fantastic way of finding treasure that people have left for you to find. You will need a smartphone to accompany you – but there are at least a million geocaches in the world so there is always going to be one near wherever you scoot!

There are several geocache communities online, but the largest is Once you’ve registered and downloaded the app you are ready to hunt. Just remember if you take the ‘cache’ you must replace it with something of the same or greater value. Getting the children to make a time capsule ready for you to hide adds to the fun of this activity. Get inspired here 

Scooter Nature Hunt 

This is great way to explore when you’re out & about in parks or woods on your Micro Scooter.

As you head out on your scooters; take your picnic and ‘Hunters Kit’…you’ll need plastic tubs and bags for things. Maybe a magnifying glass, And certainly the list of ‘finds’ you must discover on your adventure – slugs, ants, pine cones and squirrels to name but a few. Getting your children to record their finds is a great way of building their organisational skills. 

Scooter Art 

Use your scooters to paint a large picture outside. This idea is inspired by the work of ‘action’ artist Jackson Pollock who literally used to throw the paint onto his canvas. You will need

  • Newspaper to cover the ground and to practice on (use large stones to stop the paper blowing away) 
  • Large sheets of plain paper
  • Ready-made poster paints in different colours
  • Large margarine (or similar) tubs with lids
  • Old rags

Cover the ground with newspaper together with an extra layer to practice on first. Put the ready-mixed paint into the upturned lids of the margarine tubs. Fill the actual margarine tub with water to wash your wheels afterwards. Carefully dip your wheels into the paint and scoot around your paper. Try creating different effects and mixing colours before you use the final sheet of paper. Remember to wash your wheels in the water in between using the different colours.

Why don’t you try hand and footprints too? You could use your designs as gift wrapping.

Alternatively, you could fill squeezy bottles (like used washing up bottles) with paint in different colours. Then get a bunch of friends on their scooters – each with a different colour – and scoot around your giant canvas (could be an old sheet on the ground) shooting and squirting paint onto the canvas. The results will be random, energetic and best of all – its brilliant fun.

Scooter Fancy Dress

The only limit to what you can do with your scooter is your imagination. Encourage your children to make up stories of why they are on their scooters. Perhaps your child would like to be a knight on a horse, a pirate on a ship or a princess in a moving tower. Dressing up you and your scooter (it can be as simple as wearing a red polka dot scarf and tying one around your scooter to become a pirate) to go on a scooting adventure is such a fun way to spend time together.

We’d love to see your pictures from your #scootingadventures. Just upload them to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #scootingadventures