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5 Most Common Scooter Repair Questions

  • 3 min read

5 Most Common Scooter Repair Questions

Did you know it is easy to repair, replace or revamp your Micro scooter? We stock replacement parts for every single kids scooter and every adult Micro scooter in our range. We also have instructional videos showing you how to repair or revamp your scooter as well as practical advice on how to keep your scooter in good condition.

These are the 5 most common questions we are asked about our scooters. We hope it helps you to find the answer you need.

1. The handlebar on my scooter won't stay up / my scooter's handlebar keeps going down / I've lost the push button on my steering column / my collar clamp is loose.

1Solution 1.

The collar clamp is the black or silver clasp that holds your handlebars in place. To stop your handlebars from sliding up and down simply use an Allen key to tighten the large nut on the collar clamp.

Solution 2.

Alternatively, to see if you've lost your button:
  • Undo the collar clamp.
  • Extend the stem of the scooter all the way up.
  • Check just below the collar clamp to see if the button has popped into place. If there is no "click" and you can't see the button then you may need a new push button. That's okay, you can buy a replacement button here.

Solution 3.

Sometimes the push button gets stuck inside the stem of the scooter. To see if the button is inside the scooter you will need to::
  • Using an Allen key unscrew the small screw at the back of the collar clamp.
  • Lift the handlebars out of the bottom section and look inside the top section to see if your button is twisted.
  • If it is twisted, use long nose pliers to reposition the button into place
  • If there is no button inside the handlebars you will need a new push button and clip.

2. My scooter's handlebars are coming out of alignment / The wheels on my scooter are going one way and my handlebars the other / my scooter wheels are not straight / I am trying to steer but the wheel is not going in the direction I want?


  • Using an Allen key undo the two bolts on the lower clamp (positioned just above the two large hexagonal nuts near the base of the scooter).
  • Re-position the scooter so the front wheel is straight and the handlebars are in line again.
  • Make sure the seam at the back of the handlebar is in line with the bottom clamp
  • Starting with the top bolt and going down to the bottom - tighten each bolt. Go back to the top and repeat the process until you can't tighten any more.
3. My scooter wheels have stopped turning / my wheels are stuck. Solution 3In the first instance you should try spraying the bearings with 3in1 or similar light machine oil and leave overnight. If this doesn't solve the problem and the wheel is still in good condition the bearings will need replacing. You can buy bearings for your scooter and watch an instructional video on how to replace them. If the wheel is in poor condition we would suggest replacing the whole wheel. We sell replacement wheelsfor all Micro scooters. 4. The end of my handlebar has come out / I've lost the bung on the end of my handlebar 4You can buy a replacement bung and string.
5. My foam handle grip is ripped – can I replace it?5You certainly can! We have replacement handle gripsfor all 2 and 3 wheeled Micro scooters. We also have a video showing you have to fit them to your scooter.
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