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3 wheeled scooters – the best rated of 2022

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3 wheeled scooters – the best rated of 2022

If you’re starting to consider buying a scooter for your child, then chances are they are showing signs of wanting a little bit of independence.

The likelihood is that they now enjoy running places and are less inclined to want to jump into the pushchair, favouring transport that gets them to their destination under their own steam.


Are three-wheeled scooters safer?

Three-wheeled scooters for kids are one of the must-have items for every household. With two wheels up front, they offer a stable platform to get to grips and build confidence with scooting.  Micro are renowned for their range of multi award winning 3 wheeled scooters

How to ride a 3-wheeled scooter

The lean-to-steer mechanism allows children to steer by leaning in the direction they want to go. This may seem odd to you as an adult but children find this method of steering the easiest. 

With lean-to-steer you don't try and turn the handlebars (as you would a bike), you stand on the scooter with both hands and lean in the direction you want.

This turns the wheels to face where you want to go, they then start to glide and move with their body weight. Micro Scooters introduced this type of steering to the kid's scooter industry and have helped thousands of children get to grips with scooting.

Which is better a 2-wheel or 3-wheel scooter?

 If your child has not yet mastered the art of riding a bike, the chances are they will need something that offers a bit more stability. After all, they are just getting to grips with manoeuvring themselves around independently. As multi-tasking will generally develop a little later on, you’re best to opt for a scooter that allows scooting to come naturally. The best choice in this scenario is to opt for a scooter with three wheels.

The 2-wheel scooter is perfect for children who have fully mastered balancing and turning skills.

Which scooters are the best?

The iconic Mini Micro is the best-selling children’s scooter in the UK. It is often imitated, but never bettered and is the original award-winning three-wheeled toddler scooter. Perfect for pre-schoolers from 3 to 5 years old, the Mini Micro is intelligently proportioned, lightweight and comes in a burst of feel-good colours.

For those who are a little taller or reaching their 5th birthday but not yet ready for two wheels, then the Maxi Micro is a perfect choice. It is intuitively designed to have all the features of the iconic mini micro but with an increased rider weight limit, longer footplate for growing feet and handlebars that can be raised higher with the lowest setting being the same as the extended bars of the Mini micro


Which scooter is best?

Once you decide whether a 2 or 3-wheeled scooter is right for your child, the next task is to choose the additional extras. All the chassis' of the mini or maxi scooter are the same trusted version, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to decide on the essentials such as light-up wheels, anodised stem, wider wheels or perhaps foldability is essential for you instead?

You can view all of the three wheeled scooters in our range here.