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3 reasons not to worry about the tube strike

  • 1 min read
Don't panic. They say "arrgghhh tube strike" we say BRING. IT. ON. Here's 3 reasons you really need not to worry about the tube strike. 1. You have a scooter. You've already won. Our range of Swiss designed and engineered adult scooters laugh in the face of tube strikes. They will get you from the station to your office in no time at all. But don't just take our word for it... Emma will be using her Micro White scooter tube strike scooters Alice will be using her Micro Floral White scooter tube strike scooters "Topman" will be using his Micro Flex scooter topman And Hugh Jackman, if he is in London will be using his Micro Black scooter.(probably) 1530863_592840254120748_1614309253_n 2. The beauty of tube strikes means there will be less people in the office. Those, you know, scooter-less people :-(. Which means you can enjoy a cheeky extended lunch break. Have a look at our London lunchtime scooting routesfor inspiration on enjoying the perfect #break4lunch. 3. Using your adult scooter means you're burning calories and getting a fantastic aerobic workout. But more importantly, scooting means you are not being squeezed sardine like against strangers on the tube. Find out about the hidden fitness benefits of scooting with our Scootercise programme. Will you be beating the tube strike by scooting? Let us know in the comments below See our range of adult scooters >> See our scooting tube map which shows you how long it will take to scoot between tube stations >>