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3 Christmas gifts money can buy

  • 2 min read
Looking for the ultimate, unique gift this Christmas? Our top 3 unique Christmas gifts list ensures you will be able to surprise and delight that someone special in your life – without breaking the bank. FOR CHILDREN Create Your Own Scooter create your own With over 110,000 colour combinations it is now possible for your child to have a one of a kind, unique scooter. Choose the deck, brake, stem and grips to create a scooter as unique as they are. Create your own 3in1 Mini Micro, Mini Micro or Maxi Micro scooter here >> FOR TEENAGERS & ADULTS The Micro Pedalflow pedalflow The unique and highly prized Pedalflow is unlike anything you’ve seen before. This innovative bicycle-scooter combo is set to change the way we think about modern transportation. In essence the Pedalflow is a compact folding bike with no seat, it allows riders to cover short distances with simplicity and speed, making it the ideal companion for getting to work or exploring the city. With no gears or cables to worry about and at only 16 lbs the Pedalflow is a fun, fast, fashionable form of transportation. A truly unique gift. Watch the Pedalflow in action Find out more about the Pedalflow here >> FOR ADULTS The Suspension Scooter suspension-scooter-1 (2) With exceptional Swiss construction and uncompromising quality, the Micro Suspension scooter is an impressive feat of engineering. This top of the range, highly spec'd scooter, with in-built suspension at both the front and back, absorbs ruts in the pavement making this the smoothest ride yet. Offering a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to get around our busy urban towns and cities the Suspension scooter will shorten commuting times and save time. See the Suspension scooter here >> Watch the Suspension scooter in action