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2 Wheels? 3 Wheels? Stunt Scooters? Find Out The Differences Between Our Scooters

  • 3 min read

Find Out About The Differences Between Our Scooters

Do you need some help deciding between a 2 or 3 wheeled scooter? Do you want to know the differences between the both? This post will help explain the differences between a 2 and 3 wheeled scooter (aside from the number of wheels!). It will also give you options on types of scooter that are suitable.

Let's scooter on shall we....

There are a few key areas of difference between 2 and 3 wheeled scooters.


3 wheeled scooters, are excellent for children who need the confidence in feeling balanced and stable on a scooter. A scooter with 3 wheels does this job incredibly well because they stand up on their own. 2 wheeled scooters work best for children who are able to balance on the base (often called the footplate or deck) of the scooter. Children who no longer need stabilisers on their bike often prefer 2 wheeled scooters.


3 wheeled scooters use tilt and lean steering. This means children lean in the direction they want to go and the wheels then turn. If your child loves the Mini Micro, then the Maxi Micro steers in the same way and is the grown up version of the Mini Micro. 2 wheeled scooters steer like a bike, so you turn the handlebars (forward/backwards). If your child is used to this way of steering (and is confident on their bike) then 2 wheels would be suitable. We have both 2 wheeled and 3 wheeled scooters in our Micro range.


The Maxi Micro scooter..
Maxi Micro: The grown up version of the Mini Micro. It comes in several versions: Classic: The classic includes all of the features you would expect from our award winning scooter including adjustable handlebars. Shop the Maxi Classic >>Deluxe: All the features of the Classic with a logo on the deck for extra grip. It also has an anodised stem for extra protection against the elements and an increased rider weight limit. Shop the Maxi Deluxe >>LED: All the features of either the Classic or Deluxe (depending on the model you choose) but with light up wheels. Shop the Maxi LED >>Foldable: Choose the foldable version of the Deluxe Maxi if you are in need of a compact scooter. The clever mechanism at the base of the handle bar stem means you can collapse the scooter for easy storage. The stem of every single one of our Maxi Micro Scooters are removable, but it is the genius of the folding version that provides the ability for a quick fold. Shop the Maxi foldable >>


If you feel your child is ready for a two wheeled scooter then this is the section that you need. Here they can choose from a choice of three 2 wheeled scooters. Each are very different but utterly brilliant in their own right. Here's the low down. Sprite: This scooter is the original 2 wheeled folding scooter. Incredibly lightweight it is brilliant for the school run. With adjustable handlebars to grow with your child and a kickstand means that it can stand independently. Shop the Micro Sprite >>Cruiser: Foldable, adjustable retro style handlebars. The Cruiser is an iconic 2 wheeled scooter with big wheels to travel faster. Shop the Cruiser here >>Stunt: Whilst you can take any of our scooters to the skate park, the serious tricks should be reserved for the stunt scooter. Fixed handlebars and non folding. These scooters are reinforced to absorb impact and therefore do not fold. The handlebar height is purposefully lower too to aid the child in performing clever maneuvers on the half pipe. This scooter can also be use for the school run. Shop Stunt scooters here >>