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101 things to do before the end of summer...

  • 4 min read



Beverley is one of the members of our customer service team. A walking font of all knowledge she knows everything there is to know about scooters and accessories.

Here’s our list of 101 summer scooter adventures to own before the end of summer. We challenge you to complete at least 10 before breakfast.

Have fun and don’t forget to send us a photo so we can share on Facebook ( #102: become a #scooterstar!).

  1. Scoot to the top of a hill and fly a kite 
  2. Scoot to your favourite picnic spot
  3. Skim stones
  4. Draw around your scooter with chalk, include shadows and plot throughout the day.
  5. Go on a bird spotting scoot
  6. Make a bug hotel
  7. Make and bury a time capsule- don’t forget to include photos of you on your scooters!
  8. Make a sock puppet to share your scooting adventures with
  9. Customise your wellies
  10. Write a letter and scoot to post it
  11. Stay up late and toast Marshmallows
  12. Try out a new scooter route
  13. Hunt for four leaf clovers
  14. Make daisy chains for your scooter basket
  15. Customise an old t-shirt with fashion from nature
  16. Take your scooter to the skate park
  17. Make a mud pie and bake it in the sunshine
  18. Grow a sunflower in your old scooter basket
  19. Scoot off on a nature hunt
  20. Send a scooter selfie to Micro Scooters
  21. Scoot to the library
  22. Feed the ducks on your trike
  23. Make ice-cream sundaes, the best post scoot treat.
  24. Try these 10 games to inspire your tandem scoot
  25. Make homemade lemonade for tomorrow’s summer scoot
  26. Write a short scooter story (and send it to us)
  27. Scoot through puddles and see who can make the longest tracks.
  28. Then splash in said puddles
  29. Play a board game in the sunshine (if only they came with a scooter shaped player piece)
  30. Make a scooting themed board game (see what we did there!)
  31. Create a ‘scoot in’ movie theatre
  32. Make some scooter biscuits
  33. Make a den, invite your friends over and plot your next scooter adventure
  34. Hold a festival in your back garden
  35. Make story stones
  36. Build a scootcastle- scooter shapes in the sand
  37. Paddle in the sea
  38. Make play dough scooters from scratch and let your masterpieces dry in the sun.
  39. Scoot off on a geocaching adventure
  40. Scoot somewhere pretty and draw the view
  41. Learn a magic trick
  42. Make a potion from petals collected on your scoot
  43. Stargaze scooter shapes in your back garden
  44. Have a camp out
  45. Learn a new scooter trick
  46. Go on a spontaneous scoot
  47. Make and go on a treasure scoot
  48. Make paper planes and scoot to the best place to fly them
  49. Play charades
  50. Create a family flag, attach it to your scooter and watch it fly
  51. Play hopscootch aka. hopscotch on your scooter!
  52. Look for scooter shapes in the clouds
  53. Have an outdoor spa afternoon to refresh tired scooter feet
  54. Organise a scooter race
  55. Do a good deed for someone
  56. Have a water fight
  57. Create a scooter disco in the garden
  58. Go fruit picking (e.g. blackberry picking) on scooters
  59. Make smoothies
  60. Make home-made fruit ice lollies
  61. Create scooter art by dipping scooter wheels in water based paint and riding over an unused roll of wall paper on the ground
  62. Make placemats for dinner illustrating todays scooter adventure
  63. Freeze plastic toys and rescue them as they melt in the sun
  64. Set toys in jelly
  65. Create scooter sculptures from nature, gathered on your nature scoot
  66. Water the plants, set the watering can on the scooter kickplate and pull along (if too heavy for little hands)
  67. Make a paper bag bear puppet, not scooter related but cute none the less
  68. Press some flowers to decorate your scooter stem
  69. Go on a bug hunting scoot
  70. Go for a scoot in the woods
  71. Take a jar and go on a pond dipping scoot
  72. Paint a masterpiece with cotton wool
  73. Play musical scooting statues
  74. Scoot to the pet shop to see the small pets
  75. Play pooh sticks
  76. Make a natural art mural on a roll of lining paper, from items collected on your scooter hunt
  77. Go on a colour hunt, collect colours to compliment your scooter
  78. Scoot to collect then paint on shells (you can collect them in your scooter basket)
  79. Make a paper plate masks to become your favourite scooting superhero
  80. Make fruit kebabs because they are delicious
  81. Design a new scooter accessory from magazines/newspapers
  82. Decorate biscuits in your favourite wheel whizzer design
  83. Make a rain catcher
  84. Make a hanging basket from an old scooter basket
  85. Make a paper boat…
  86. …and scoot off to float it on a pond
  87. Do some finger painting, scooter related obviously
  88. Make some cards for friends…
  89. …and go on a scooter adventure to deliver them
  90. Do some potato painting
  91. Hold a snail race, have some friends scoot over to join you.
  92. Paint on foil a new design for a helmet and when it dries mould on top of your existing one
  93. Play water balloon catch
  94. Go crabbing : here is a scooter route to inspire you
  95. Hide bears outside and scoot to find them again!
  96. Make nature rubbings
  97. Grow cress in an egg cup
  98. Play nature bingo, after scooting to the park
  99. Paint on pebbles
  100. Make an ispy jar with objects from nature
  101. On your scooter, explore and discover animal tracks

If you’d like to join your family on their scooting adventures this summer, you can shop the full adult Micro Scooter range