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5 scooter related things to do to prepare for back to school

  • 2 min read

It may seem a little early to be talking about the school run but for those of you who have children starting school next month you're probably looking for insight into how to smooth the transition.

It may sound a little dull, but organisation is key, so is planning in advance. We have spiced things up with a little scooter action so that the back to school prep doesn't feel like the dreaded back to school prep.

Here are some fun scooter related activities that you can do this summer which will help prepare little ones for starting or heading back to school. 1.Grab a packed lunch and go for a picnic. It will give you insight into how your child will manage a packed lunch for themselves. Whether they can open fruit or undo the lids on the bottles. They'll feel independent carrying their own snacks and you can ensure that you've nailed all their favourite things for their lunch in the first week back. Our insulated lunch bags are perfect for keeping lunches cool and they fit perfectly to the front of scooters (and bikes) so that you are not stuck carrying all the bags at the end of the day. See our range of lunchbags here>> 2. Organise a #scootingadventure with class mates. By keeping children in touch with friends will mean back to school is a lot less daunting. 3.Scoot to school once or twice over the holidays. Probably the last thing on your to-do list but by making the journey when it suits you without the stress of the school run will give you a chance to check it out together and plan the first school run back. Which way to go, want to look out for on the way and where to park your scooters once you arrive. 4.Complete a scooter MOT. If you have a scooter that has been on a hundred #scootingadventures you may find that wear and tear is taking its toll. Replacing handles or the break will ensure that safe scooting continues and will have your scooter revamped and looking as good as new with minimal cost. Even better get your child involved in a redesign. You can change the 'look' of your scooter to match the school colours or just because. Visit our spares and repairs page here> 5. Be safe, be seen, be heard. Don't forget to include safe scooting accessories in your back to school equipment list. Bells, lights, helmets and elbow pads will mean the scooting school run is as safe as it can be. See our safety range here>> That's all there is too it (from a scooting point of view anyway). Wishing you all a great summer and looking forward to seeing all your back to school pictures. Don't forget to share them with us on facebook, twitter and Instagram.