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Great places to scoot via the National Cycle Network

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If you are looking for somewhere to test out that new scooter of yours, then look no further than the The National Cycle Network. 

It makes up a whopping 14,000 miles of the most perfect terrain for scooting, because the routes are safe, flat and traffic free and they connect hundreds of towns and villages across the UK.

Maintained by the charity, Sustrans (and their army of volunteers) who have extremely high quality standards, the network offers the ideal safe place to take a new set of wheels for a spin. 

Here are ten reasons why scooting the Network is a great idea: 

  1. A third of the National Cycle Network is traffic free, it provides flat, often tarmacked routes.
  2. Over half the UK population live within 1 mile of their nearest route, scooting along the Network has never been easier. Chances are there’s a route near you.
  3. Sustrans work hard to conserve the homes and natural habitat for wildlife along the route- don’t forget to pack your binoculars!
  4. Local artists have contributed hundreds of pieces of artwork displayed along the network, so there’s lots to see and explore as you scoot on by. 
  5. Geocaching is immensely popular along the route. Scooting to find the treasure makes a fantastic day out with children.
  6. Many of the routes use disused railway paths and canal towpaths and Sustrans have raised the funds needed to link them all together. The routes mean you can scoot safely to new far flung places without the need to jump in the car.
  7. Research by Sustrans has shown that when you make it easier for people to walk and cycle, whether for leisure or commuting, “it has a positive impact on society”. Jumping on your scooter to get from a to b is really rather good for you.
  8. Over 27 million journeys on the Network are made by children travelling to and from school. Chances are your school run could suddenly become a lot healthier and less stressful.
  9. By scooting along the National Cycle Network you’ll be doing a lot for the local economy. In 2014, the Network generated £650 million and supported more than 15,000 jobs.
  10. Scooting with your children regularly will inspire them to consider sustainable alternatives as long term solutions to travel. You’ll be supporting and promoting good habits, fostering healthy transport solutions which will last a lifetime.