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10 reasons to get involved in Big Pedal 2018

  • 3 min read
We are thrilled to be working with Sustrans (the charity that make it easier for people to scoot, cycle or walk) on 2018's Big Pedal scheme. We have supported the scheme for many years as we believe its great for children, parents, schools and local communities to get moving in a sustainable way. In 2018 we've gone all official and are delighted our partnership has been cemented. We will be supporting the thousands of school children and schools in their Big Pedal efforts, which this year, involves scooting, cycling or walking around the world in 10 days. Really WHAT IS BIG PEDAL 2018? Sustrans Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge inspiring pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school. Sustrans Big Pedal will run for 10 days from 23 April to 4 May 2018 and is open to individual classes as well as whole schools. WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? On each day, schools compete to see who can record to get as many of their pupils, staff and parents cycling or scooting to school. Your school’s best five days will determine your final position, but you can log journeys on all ten days if you wish. For schools unable to take part in the main event their is a one-day challenge, which can include cycling and scooting activities in the school day as well as on the journey to school. 10 REASONS TO TAKE PART IN BIG PEDAL 2018
  1. Scooting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure your child gets their daily dose of exercise.
  2. Scooting, cycling or walking to school means there are less cars on the road - which means less pollution. And also less stress for you trying to find a parking space!
  3. Even if your school takes part in Big Pedal 2018 for just one day we promise the noticeable difference you will see at the school gate i.e. less noise and environmental pollution, less frazzled parents and teachers will ensure you will want to do another day!
  4. Scooting, walking or cycling to school will benefit you financially. You will spend less on petrol and will definitely not have the risk of a parking ticket.
  5. Exercise boosts kids' concentration levels. Numerous studies have linked exercise to increased levels of concentration at school.
  6. Scooting is fun! And is certainly a more pleasant, less stressful way to do the school run compared to driving.
  7. Scooting, cycling or walking the school helps to build children's feelings of independence as well as being a fantastic opportunity to teach them road safety awareness, being courteous to other pavement users and so much more.
  8. Scooting and cycling helps to increase children's fine motor, coordination and balance skills. All great things for the future.
  9. You can join in too! Nothing will excite your kids more by you scooting or cycling the school run with them. Its time in the morning when you can actually be together as opposed to them being in the back of the car and you driving. You are able to get your exercise boost as well as being able to spend quality time together. Win. Win.
  10. There's prizes. If none of the above floats your boat then we just hope you like prizes. Lots of them. Ranging from new scooters, stunt bikes, equipment for your school and much more!
HOW DO I GET INVOLVED WITH BIG PEDAL 2018? It's incredibly easy. Simply register on the Big Pedal 2018 website here >> Will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments below.